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Meet The Owner!

Hello! I am Cortney Garceau, the owner of Moo-Licious, The Mooving Cookie Bakery! I am a recent college graduate who has a passion in baking. Cookies have been my specialty for a few years and I have taken the time to perfect my secret recipe. I am so excited to begin my journey as a business owner and look forward to sharing my passion with your communities. My hope is to spread the joy that my cookies deliver. With each bite, you'll be saying "WOW! These cookies are Moo-Licious!"

The Creation Of Moo-Licious

Moo-Licious was created from scratch! We purchased a 1961 Trailblazer travel camper and converted it into a food trailer! With the help of family, friends and professionals, our visions came to life. Take a moment to look through the pictures of the creation of Moo-Licious! We are so thankful for the journey. 

Our Values

Moo-Licious is a women-owned business! We are passionate in supporting other women-owned businesses!

Moo-Licious was created by pursuing passions! We hope to inspire you to chase after what brings you joy and to be creative!


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